Best places for Photography in Sonoma County

Northern California is known for its beauty unlike anywhere in the world. Sonoma County being one of the most vibrate locations with it’s rolling hills of vineyards, fields of wild flowers and hundreds of parks.? With an abundance opportunities to explore the outdoors it is truly a place to experience. Enjoy this list of favorite locations to visit and capture photographs in stunning Sonoma County during spring and when is the best time to visit these locations.

  1. Sonoma County Mustard Fields santarosaphotography2
    Each year patches of yellow blossoms start to spring up in January and cover the ground in Sonoma County through February and March. The perfect place for photography and enjoying some color before most spring blossoms have arrived. All over Sonoma County from Peteluma to Healdsburg, you can find the mustard flowers blooming in? open fields, between the rows of vineyards, or scattered among the parks. A local favorite is the meadows along the Laguna De Santa Rosa trails.
  2. Apple Blossoms of Sonoma County santa rosa photography samuels studios The apple blossoms are abundant in Sonoma County during the weeks of late March through early April. The little town of Sebastopol is home to many of Sonoma County’s apple orchards, a perfect place for photography. During the weeks of blossom there is an annual Apple Blossom Parade in the heart of Sebastopol, Sonoma County.
  3. River Front Regional Park santarosaphotography
    A favorite location in Sonoma County to visit with the whole family and take pictures because of its diversity and charm all year long. Offering everlasting beauty during the winter months the Redwood Grove is full of inviting pathways. The river runs through this park with thriving river banks along many trails and all the colors of Sonoma County in one place.
  4. Taylor Mountain santarosaphotography5
    From the top of Sonoma County, enjoy the unlimited space for breath taking photos with open grasslands, ancient oak trees and endless trails. The possibilities are unmatched to capture those timeless photos and experience Sonoma County from new heights. The sunsets are particularly beautiful during the early spring months.
  5. Howarth Park santarosaphotography1
    A great place to play and an even better place to take photos. A cute little lake, hidden paths and mossy rocks all make for a photographer’s playground. There is so much to explore at Sonoma County’s one of a kind park, where you can ride the carousel, mini train, go fishing, hiking, biking and so much more.
  6. Matanzas Creek Winery santarosaphotography3
    This is Sonoma County’s hidden gem and becoming increasingly popular for photography because of it’s aromatic lavender fields that bloom in the months of late spring through July. The winery has many unique features nestled in the garden grounds, stone stairs, wooden bridges and colorful backdrops, making it an extraordinary for photography and relaxation.