Spring in Clark County

Spring is such a beautiful time for photography in Vancouver, Washington and all of Clark County. Known for the vibrant and colorful blooms. I Enjoy traveling to many counties during spring to capture the various blooms of colorful tulip festivals and lavender field, rainbow fields of wildflowers and magical rose gardens. The infamous orchards blossoms with abundance of colors all over Vancouver, Washington. and create the perfect backdrop for photography and capturing authentic memories. Spring gives us a time to slow down and enjoy the beauty of life with a simple “stopping to smell the roses” moment or a gaze into fields of flowers and rich smells of spring all around us. We press pause for just a moment to embrace these special moments. This relates to my passion for photography on so many levels, the most beautiful part of photography is capturing these moments that we can cherish forever. Enjoy there video and remind your self to take more of these moments to pause and enjoy what matters the most in your life.