Interested in boudoir photography? I like to think of it as an extended spa day, but better! You take home a timeless collection of portraits that remind you everyday of how amazing you truly are! I want to capture portraits that you will feel proud and excited to embrace your true beauty.
At every shoot I strive to give you a good mix of tasteful & classic with a few sexy scandalous portraits sprinkled in as well. At the end of our day together I want you to feel powerful, feminine & sexy! I love the entire process of boudoir photography from beginning to end. This is about you and creating an experience you will always remember.

What is Boudoir Photography?

Boudoir, is pronounced boo-dwahr or if you are feeling fancy boo-dwa. While the term boudoir is French for bedroom, now a days it describes a variety of things including furniture, clothing and a genre of photography. As a boudoir photographer my style tends to be feminine, flirty and artistic.

You have decided to indulge yourself with our sensual Boudoir Collections.
So what is next, and what to expect. Contact me with any and every question. I love to hear any ideas you might have. I encourage in person consultations where we can meet and chat about details to decide on a vision for your photo shoot.

Prepping for the big day:
Shopping and gathering inspirational ideas leading up to the shoot can be such fun. I will help you coordinate lingerie to accentuate your inner beauty and capture the sexy side of you. We will create a customized session to enhance your ideas while creating a stunning collection of timeless portraits.

Think about what look are you going for. Sexy outfits, business outfits, tool belts,
40s pinup, football cheerleader etc. Less is more, keep it simple yet creative and let your unique beauty do the talking! Accessories always enhance boudoir photography. I provide some props such as rose pedals, feather boas, lace gloves, pearls and some sports themes to entice the athlete in your life, For sanitary reasons we do not provide lingerie outfits. Please let me know if there are any specific themes or props you would like.

The session will be at private indoor Suite. If you would have a location you would like to do them such as an outdoor location that just adds to the fun and would love to work on location with you. Remember, this is all about YOU!

Finally, it?s the day of the big shoot! I work with a remarkable hair & make-up artist that make you feel powerful, feminine and sexy! While we are glamming you up enjoy complimentary champagne & your We will go through your clothing options and put together complete looks, for most sessions about 2 tp 3 ensembles. Once we get started and go through the first couple poses you will relax and begin to feel that sassy sexy you shine!

Most women are very worried about what they look like and think that they need to be models or be skinny to have nice photos. Boudoir photographers will know how to highlight your best features and avoid parts that you are not so in favor of.

Hair & Makeup-Professional makeup and false lashes are strongly recommended to add the drama to your photos. Photography makeup tends to be a little on the heavier side than what you would apply day to day but that is because the flash takes away a bit of the heaviness and creates a sensual dramatic look.

Know what you are comfortable with showing in your photos but you really do not need to take your clothes off to be sexy. Assumed nudity or partially clothed can still be sexy! Be sure to let your photographer know what you are not comfortable with.

Within two weeks I will have your images ready. I will create a password protect gallery of your portraits. Some
favorite boudoir products are the little black book albums, custom image
boxes and canvas display your true beauty perfectly.